20 Things To Do Whenever You Feel Lazy

There are some days where we just want to be lazy, not care about anything, and have a great time. Every time I feel this way, I have lots of trouble finding the perfect activities that do not waste too much energy and are simply designed for lazier people. 

For that reason, I have created the perfect list of things to do whenever you feel lazy.

Invite Your Friends Over To Your Place

being lazy with friends

Whenever you are too lazy to do some physical activity, just invite your friends to come over and have fun. You will have the opportunity to socialize with your friends without lifting a finger.

1. Have a few Gaming Session: There’s nothing better than gathering up with your friends to play video games together. I tried it a few times with my crew and believe me I cannot wait for our next meetup.

2. Have a Movie Marathon: If you really want to do something crazy, just watch a few horror movies with your friends. Watching horror movies alone isn’t as good as watching them with your friends, so try it out and you won’t regret it.

3. Play some Board Games: No matter how old you are you can always have fun playing board games like Chess, Battleship, Risk, Stratego, etc. Depending on your age you can also try out many board games that involve drinking.

4. Just Chill and Chat: This is by far the best way to pass the time and strengthen your friendship. You can talk about some personal problems, ask for advice, or gossip about people that hate you.

5. Throw a home Karaoke party: With a little effort, you can turn your home into a crazy Karaoke Evening. A cheap microphone coupled with a few speakers, and you can finally show the world your talent and embarrass yourself in front of your friends.

6. Organize a Poker Night: It’s time to show everyone your pokers skills and to prove that all those hours watching Poker Stars wasn’t such a bad thing

7. Enjoy some cocktails: These days it’s really popular to make cocktails at home. There are lots of videos on Youtube that are really simple and will teach you the basics of making cocktails.

Relaxing and Effortless Activities

lazy things to do

8. Take a long warm bath: This will relax your brain as well as your nervous system. Having long baths is essential for recharging your batteries after a long week.

9. Do some online shopping: Online shopping is the perfect activity for lazy people. You can also enjoy the discount benefits as well as the sudden adrenaline rush that happens when you find the perfect thing that is worth your money.

10. Make Your favorite meal: Use your lazy time to quickly prepare the meal you enjoy the most. There’s something oddly satisfying when making your own food, so prepare your kitchen and start cooking.

11. FaceTime all Your Loved ones: Use this opportunity to catch up with your friends and family. In this fast-paced society, we easily forget our relatives and distant friends, so make sure to chat with them and see how they’re doing.

12. Try out a lazy hobby: There are many hobbies like Home Brewing, flying kites, drone photography, collecting coins, design, archery, etc, that are perfect for all the lazy people. You can also check out our full list by clicking here. 

13. Donate Your Old Clothes: Life is already hard for some people, so your old clothes can really be meaningful for those in need. Use your lazy day to sort out everything and make someone happy.

14. Watch Bob Ross Paint: There is nothing more relaxing and satisfying than watching an eternal art master do his job. Once you watch one video on YouTube, you will get addicted and maybe even start drawing.

Easy and Creative Things To Try Out

15. Open Instagram for your Pet: If you have a pet, open up an Instagram account and try to make him a star. You already have a lot of pictures on your phone, so you don’t have to worry about taking photographs. This is a great way to pass the time and enjoy some quality time with your pet.

16. Photograph some scenes around the house: If you don’t have a professional camera you can still use your smartphone to take awesome pictures. Do some basic research, and photograph some nice scenes near your place. You will find it oddly satisfying.

17. Try quick DIY projects: There are awesome ideas on the internet, you can try to do at home without the need for special tools and resources. DIY projects are a great way to pass the time and create something that will greatly help your everyday life.

18. Enjoy an Instrument: If you are not a professional musician it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy playing any instruments. Wipe up the dust from your old guitar, and start playing on it. You can learn basic melodies on Youtube, or you can even take an online course coupled with apps on your phone.

19. Try To Write a Song: You won’t know how good you are at writing songs until you finally try it. Everyone has their own unique way of expressing feelings, and writing a song is one of them. You have nothing to lose, just try it, and if you don’t like it throw it in the trash.

20. Meditate: Meditation has scientifically proven benefits like increased productivity, focus, reduces stress, controls anxiety, etc. Whenever you feel lazy, try to do 15 minutes of meditation and you will instantly feel better.

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