7 Lazy Facts That Are Too Good To Be True

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Every day we are being blasted with information from the media regarding the negative influence of our laziness. In addition, people are instantly judging when the term lazy is mentioned. In fact, there are so many misguided people that believe every story they hear from the media. People forget that there are good sides and rather interesting things concerning our laziness. For that reason, we have prepared a few lazy facts that are backed up by science.

1. Laziness is a habit, not a mental issue


Psychological studies show that laziness cannot be looked at as a mental issue. In fact, laziness is a learned habit incited by dopamine, low self-confidence, lack of discipline and low levels of motivation. If we all re-examine our behavior and mentality, we can all agree that some of these factors trigger our laziness. This means that lazy thinking and lazy behavior can be broken with a little bit of motivation, determination, and self-evaluation. So now you can stop stressing yourself about the influence your laziness has on your mental health.

2. An infection can cause laziness

From 1909 to 1915 an infection caused by Hookworms spread around 11 countries in the U.S. In fact, hookworms were popularly known as “the germ of laziness” because they weakened the host and made him unable to do physical activities. During that period of time, more than 40% of the population in the south were infected, which caused a huge panic in the USA. Each year there are more than 576 million people infected by the hookworms.

3. Laziness is inherited from our ancestors

In order to preserve their energy, our ancestors were really careful not to use too much energy on too many physical activities. Probably because of short food supplies, they had to stay inactive most of the days so that they can survive. After millions of years of struggling for existence, inactivity was the key to our survival in harsh environments. Inactivity, now known as laziness, is responsible for the obesity of over 1.9 billion people. Once it was saving our lives, now it is responsible for more than 2.8 million deaths each year.

4. Laziness is a trait of a high IQ level

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On average, highly intelligent people prefer mental activities more than physical activities. Researchers from the Journal of Health Psychology found out that those with high IQ get bored less easily when they are engaged in thought compared to highly active people. Being a highly intelligent individual enables you to see things from a different perspective and value the tasks most people consider as irrelevant.

5. Video Games are in the group of “false laziness”


Most enjoyable things that require little to no physical effort like playing video games fall into the group of false laziness. In fact, stereotypical thinking makes people judgy about gaming. Playing video games requires lots of mental energy and strategic thinking in order to conquer a certain level or defeat another person. Even though you are not physically active while playing video games this doesn’t mean that you are lazy. The same thing happens when you try to call a professional chess player lazy. Knowing this you can freely spend a whole day playing video games without worrying about other people judging you.

6. There is a special day that celebrates laziness

Every year on the 10th of August people around the world celebrate the national lazy day. If you didn’t like the previous lazy facts, I’m certain you will love this one. In fact, This day is fulfilled with mindless activities that bring us joy and excitement. You can find a lot more on our post that covers the benefits of having a lazy day.

7. Most religions consider laziness as a sin

One of the seven deadly sins is sloth, which refers to physical inactivity or spiritual laziness. The Bible refers to the laziness as an obstacle to accepting the joy from god as well as its association with wickedness. When it comes to the Quran, praying 5 times and fasting during Ramadan is part of the actions against laziness.

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