12 Easy Sports Perfect For Lazy People

sports for lazy people

Whether you are a lazy person or not, everyone can enjoy sports. Playing any kind of sport is a great way to strengthen your mental health and leadership skills.

The list of sports is almost endless, but today we are going to focus on sports that even the laziest person can play. This includes sports that take the least amount of physical activity and excludes sports that involve running.

1. Field Shooting

Shooting is an Olympic sport that was first played in the second half of the 15th century. Gun shooting sports are shot with handguns, rifles, shotguns and air guns. You can choose your weapon based on the discipline you want to focus on.

Top Suggestions: Bullseye shooting, Field shooting, Rapid fire, Clay target, Moving target, etc..

Shooting range costs: $25 + per hour.

2. Surfing

What sounds better than riding the ocean waves on a hot sunny day? Surfing opens up great opportunities for developing social skills and meeting new people. This extreme sport is really fun and will greatly improve your life.

Surfing Lifestyle costs: New surfing board, a wet suit, and a few lessons will cost at least $600 depending on your location.

3. Table Tennis

Table tennis is a popular sport around the world. Playing table tennis doesn’t require too much physical effort, but it does require quite good reflexes. It isn’t easy to play table tennis, but that’s what attracts many people into trying it.

Costs to play Table Tennis: Daily pass is around $10 without any time limits. Costs for buying a table range from $150 – $400 and around $20 for paddles.

4. Snowboarding

Snowboarding is one of the easiest winter disciplines you can learn. It doesn’t require a lot of body strength, but you may need to work on your balance.

Another great thing about snowboarding is that you always need to take the ski lift to move uphill which means less strain on your body. If you hate winter and cold weather, then this isn’t the sport for you.

5. Moto & Auto Sports

If you really enjoy adrenaline going through your veins, then moto sports are your best choice. Even though they are a little pricey, they are worth every penny.

Top suggestions: Dirt Bike racing, kart racing, drifting, auto racing, formula racing, etc.

Estimated costs: $3.000 – $50.000 based on the category you pick.

6. Archery

Shooting arrows can greatly increase your focus and your hand-eye coordination. The greatest thing about archery is that it doesn’t require too much effort.

After practicing archery for a couple of weeks, you will be able to ignore all distractions that can affect your shot. This skill translates into your everyday life which can be quite beneficial.

Costs to start archery: Generally archery isn’t expensive, you can shoot on a private range for around $30 the whole summer. However, if you want to have your own gear, it will cost around $200 – $300.

7. Playing Pool

Apart from the great fun, playing pool builds focus, improves critical thinking and sharpens your mind. You can either play billiards or snooker, but snooker is a lot harder than billiard.

If you cannot afford to buy a pool table at your house, you can easily access lots of billiard and snooker clubs with a lot of affordable prices.

8. Darts

The greatest thing about playing darts is that you can play them literally anywhere. Many bars and cafes have dartboards around, so there are literally no costs to play this sport. Just invite your friends to drink a couple of beers and play a couple of dart games to pass the time.

Costs for darts equipment: If you want to buy your own darts equipment, total costs are around $50. This all depends on the quality of the darts, but this is the average.

9. Bowling

Bowling is a sport that doesn’t require you to be physically fit, which is perfect for lazy people. In fact, most of the professional bowlers are a bit overweight. This sport is quite easy to learn and combats stress quite effectively.

Costs to play a game of bowling: $6 -$10 per person, or $30 – $50 per hour.

10. Ski Jumping

You may think that this is a really dangerous winter sport, but according to statistics, it’s one of the safest. I have always wondered how do they survive such heights without any injuries, and the answer turned out to be because they land on steep hills so the force wasn’t targeting their legs.

Overall, this is a great sport that will definitely give you an adrenaline rush!

11. ESports

Nowadays gaming is considered a sport. It’s widely popular and will probably be featured in the next Olympic games. You can still be a casual gamer for fun, but you can also look at gaming as a job. Many gamers earn a lot of money from Youtube and Twitch while playing their favorite games.

12. Chess

Chess is one of the hardest sports included on this list. Intensely tough mind game that takes years to master. 2020 was a big year for chess and gained a lot of popularity.

A big plus for this sport is low costs or no costs at all. You can watch a lot of tutorials on youtube and free courses on the internet, which will be quite beneficial for your gameplay.

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