Is Watching TV Making Us Lazy?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to laziness. Every person has those days where don’t have the energy or motivation to get up and have a productive day. While laziness isn’t something we can always control, there are things we do that can encourage these feelings of laziness further.

For instance, it’s easy to feel lazier when you have the habit of watching TV. It doesn’t matter for how long, but watching TV can make you feel lazier.

In this article, we’ll be talking about everything you need to know about how TV affects our laziness.

Watching TV is extremely addicting because of its engaging and interactive nature. If you don’t have the discipline and self-control to limit yourself, watching TV can encourage you to be lazy instead of leading a productive day. Rather than doing meaningful activities, watching TV can make you waste your hours.

If you feel like watching tv is making you lazy, make sure to check out our article that will help you overcome your laziness.

Watching TV can ruin your health

1. It encourages weight gain or obesity

When you’re hooked on watching TV, it’s easy to binge-watch the shows and movies you find entertaining. While it’s perfectly okay to watch TV sometimes, it’s easy to be addicted and you don’t notice the hours you’re wasting on something meaningful.

When you watch TV, it’s also a tendency to match it with snacks and unhealthy food to make the experience more enjoyable. This alone can help you gain weight, especially when you don’t control yourself.

2. It damages your eyes

We already spend a lot of time on our phones, but to add TV to that list is extremely detrimental for your eyesight and eye health. It’s essential to take care of your blue light exposure by limiting the number of hours you watch TV. Sitting down and watching TV all day will strain your eyes and damage your eyesight, either temporarily or permanently.

3. It breaks your sleep pattern

Watching a lot of TV can make you break your sleep pattern, especially when it’s addicting enough that you don’t notice the time. When you’re addicted, you extend your hours on TV and sacrifice it with your hours of sleep – and this is what damages your health.

Your sleep pattern is very important, especially as it contributes to laziness. When you lack energy because of sleep deprivation, it’s easy to lead an unproductive day.

4. It breaks your socialization skills

Watching TV is linked to isolation and the more you get used to being alone, the more likely your social skills will get worse over time. Social interaction is a very significant aspect of both our mental and emotional health which means the more you get lost in watching TV, the more you don’t know how to talk or interact with people.

5. It damages your mental health

Similar to how social media works, watching TV can also damage your mental health entirely. There’s a facade when watching TV and it’s easy to misinterpret what’s real and what isn’t. For instance, it’s easy to assume the way relationships function on TV is the way things actually are in reality.

6. It robs your free time

One of the things that encourages a productive way is a day filled with meaningful activities, which watching TV isn’t a part of. Similar to using your phone, the moment you’re hooked on watching TV and you don’t have the discipline to get away from it, you can’t do anything else productive like work out or finish your deadlines. This is the primary reason why watching TV can cause laziness – it robs you of doing anything else during your free time.


In conclusion, I hope this article was able to answer the question of does tv makes us lazy. When it comes to laziness, you must be aware of the habits you’re incorporating within your day.

This doesn’t mean that you have to cut off watching TV entirely, but it’s all about finding the right balance between watching TV and leading a productive day.

If you’re not careful enough and you end up watching TV the entire day, it’s easy to waste your time and realize that you haven’t accomplished anything during the hours you were focused on watching.

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