Kaizen: The Japanese Way To Overcome Laziness

Laziness is something we all feel at some point in our given lives that involves little or no energy or motivation to do anything.

However, even if it’s a completely normal feeling, it’s something you can overcome by choosing the right strategy or techniques. There’s one specific Japanese technique called Kaizen that’s known for helping individuals overcome their laziness. It’s a simple technique that promotes doing tasks every day one step at a time by using this remarkable Japanese technique.

In this article, we’ll be talking about everything you need to know about overcoming laziness through Kaizen.

What is kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese technique that focuses on the approach that you can make massive changes in your life through even the smallest actions and habits every day. Kaizen is a combination of two Japanese words that translates to change and wisdom.

This technique focuses on minor actions and that even with just 1 minute or 60 seconds of your day, you can change your life by doing any given task. It’s a known technique being used all over the world and contrasts the notion that you need massive effort to achieve remarkable results.

How to use this technique

The concept of the Kaizen technique is that doing a certain task even for just 1 minute a day can help you regain your productivity and motivation in life. When you’re stuck in a cycle of laziness, the most difficult thing is getting up and doing any task at all.

With this technique, you just have to do a task for 60 seconds of your time and that’s it. When you’re accustomed to leading a lazy life, there’s a huge tendency to postpone doing things until you never end up doing them altogether. Whether it’s working out or starting a project for just 60 seconds, these few seconds of your life can help you overcome the laziness you feel and replace it with something more productive.

The idea is that the more you do this task every day even for just a minute, the more likely you’ll want to keep doing this, whether you’re aware of it or not. Eventually, you’ll find yourself exceeding a minute and finishing the task.

How effective is it?

It’s an effective technique that focuses on self-improvement, especially if you’re looking for a simple approach to overcome laziness. As easy as it sounds, it’s not always as simple as choosing to get up in the morning.

Whether it’s caused by a difficult situation or it’s just one of those days where you don’t feel like doing anything at all, laziness is generally hard to overcome. Kaizen is the opposite of overwhelming techniques that require your energy and motivation to achieve results.

Rather, all this technique focuses on is a minute of your time and energy every day. By being consistent in using this technique, you’ll find yourself naturally productive and looking forward to that 60 second-task. Instead of feeling obligatory and forced, the Kaizen technique motivates you in such a simple manner that it appears as a subtle manner on your personal development and productivity.

The more you do the task, you’ll eventually progress to increasing the timeframe of the task for another minute or even more. That’s what makes this Japanese technique so effective – you get results by consistency and patience.

What are the benefits of using Kaizen?

1. Building consistent habits

It’s generally challenging to stick to habits and build consistency when you’re dwelling in laziness. The Kaizen technique helps you build consistent habits with just 60 seconds of your time.

Consistency is key in leading a productive and successful life and this goes even for overcoming laziness. Instead of pushing yourself to exert massive effort such as doing a task for 30 minutes, which can easily demotivate you because of how overwhelming it appears, doing a task for just 60 minutes can lift the burden and pressure off your chest.

By doing a certain task for just 60 seconds every day, you’ll surprise yourself with what you can accomplish in such a short timeframe.

2. Leading a productive day

Unlike the common notion, you don’t have to exert all your time and energy just to lead a productive day. Even with minimal effort, you can achieve massive results in your personal development, especially when overcoming laziness.

The Kaizen technique can help you accomplish several tasks all in one day, especially with the mindset that you only have to do these tasks for 60 seconds for the day. For instance, you can do meditation, exercise, write a poem, and make your breakfast all within the span of 4 minutes for 60 seconds per task.

For someone used to leading a lazy lifestyle, this can kickstart your day into a productive one and remind you what it feels like to accomplish something.

3. Improving your mood and energy levels

When you find yourself building consistent habits towards your personal development every day through this Japanese technique, your mood and energy will be inclined to improve, leading you one step closer to overcoming laziness altogether.

When it comes down to it, you can’t get out of your laziness by pushing yourself to do overwhelming tasks that can drain your energy and mental capacity. Rather, simple tasks that just take a few seconds of your day are easy enough to accomplish, and when you find yourself doing this technique every day, your mood and energy levels gradually improve for the better.

Of course, it won’t take overnight to improve your mood and energy towards a productive life, but it has everything to do with consistency, patience, and dedication.

4. Providing gradual but effective results

When we live in a world that teaches us that only massive efforts can create efficient results in our lives, we fail to realize that just because we put in minimal effort, it doesn’t mean it won’t work.

By taking advantage of this Japanese technique, the results might not be immediate, but you’re still a step closer to overcoming laziness compared to where you were yesterday. Laziness is one of the challenging things to overcome, but it’s not impossible when you do it consistently.

5. Applicable in all areas of your life

It’s easy to think that the Kaizen technique can be only applied in terms of your career, but you can also use this even in your personal life. From building habits to getting up in the morning to overcoming laziness, this technique doesn’t just work well to benefit your career.

For instance, if you’ve been having trouble getting up to exercise in the morning and find that you’re always delaying the task, you can start by doing it for 60 seconds each day and see where it leads you. You never know how much 60 seconds can change your life if you just give it the chance.

6. Sense of accomplishment

The primary aspect that makes laziness so difficult to overcome is the execution of an action. It’s hard to force yourself to get up, especially when that’s the last thing you want to do in the first place.

By taking advantage of the Kaizen technique, you gradually fill yourself with a sense of accomplishment and remind yourself what it feels like to finish certain tasks. Laziness can take away your sense of accomplishment, especially when it’s been days since you last felt the motivation to do anything at all.

7. Overcoming laziness

Lastly, this remarkable Japanese technique can help you overcome laziness and this is the primary benefit it can provide. If you’ve tried every strategy and technique in the book, it might be time to stop trying all-consuming things and focus on strategies that are simple and easy to start.

This technique involves just 60 seconds of your day and if you’re consistent enough, this could be the key to leading a productive life again. Instead of focusing on massive efforts to overcome laziness, sometimes it all begins within something as simple as a minute.

You don’t realize the impact behind what a minute can do when you spend it doing the right thing. You can spend that minute doing several things like journaling, meditation, or even as simple as getting out of bed.

The reason behind what makes this technique so effective is it doesn’t feel as dragging and overwhelming as forcing yourself out of bed to finish a 30-minute report. Rather, that one minute will bring you efficient results if you’re consistent and patient enough.


In conclusion, I hope this article was able to shed insight into everything you needed to know on overcoming laziness through the Kaizen technique. If you’re looking for a strategy that’s simple to do, all you need is 60 seconds of each day to overcome laziness.

By focusing on consistency and patience, even for a short amount of time, you can effectively get rid of laziness and replace it with productivity and drive, whether it’s towards your career, personal life, or something else entirely.

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