Smart Things Lazy People Do To Save Time And Effort

Over the years I have gathered many secrets and smart techniques that lazy people used on a daily basis. I personally developed a few of them since I was lazy for more than 10 years.

My vision was to help as many people as possible that struggle with laziness, but sometimes laziness has its own advantages. When you are a lazy person, working on a problem seems pretty difficult. Finding an easier way to reach the wanted destination appears more attractive.

That lazy mentality helped me find a few shortcuts in life that have saved me a lot of time and effort. It’s finally time to share these methods with the lazy community.

1. Listen to Audiobooks Instead Of Reading

listening to books

I never had the time and nerves to read a 250-page book in one week. I always found excuses even though I knew how important that book was for my personal development.

Today, thanks to many websites, we can finally enjoy listening to books and save our time and effort.

Now a 250-page book can be covered in 10 minutes of listening to the most important parts. I know that you won’t get the same experience as reading a book, but you won’t miss anything important by listening to it.

Listening to books will also enable you to use your time a lot more efficiently. You can use the time while traveling to your job to listen and learn something that can benefit you in the future.

2. Use plastic cups and plates to reduce cleaning

smart and lazy

In college, I was so lazy I couldn’t even bother doing the dishes until I had no plate left for me to use. That’s when a friend of mine gave me the idea to buy plastic cups and plates for one purpose only.

This genius idea saved me a lot of effort. My kitchen was clean and I didn’t have to spend money on dishwashing detergent. Whenever my family came to check on me, my apartment was always clean and I always got praised for it.

3. Have a bin near your favorite place

In order to reduce cleaning and stacking trash paper on your desk, have a bin near your working place.

This way you won’t have to go to another room to throw the bottles, papers, and other trash you make. Make your housework easier and effortless.

4. Choose a minimalist interior for your home

By choosing a minimalist interior for your home, you will have less responsibility for maintaining it. Not only that you will spend less money, but also you will keep up with the trends of the modern world.

The minimalist interior is becoming more popular each year. You will have more freedom, it is less stressful and a lot easier to clean. Build a home that not only looks cool but does most of the job for you.

5. Shop in bulk

smart and lazy

A lot of people recommend shopping in bulk, simply because it saves a lot of money, time, and effort. I couldn’t agree more with those people.

Whenever I go to the shop I always buy 3-week supplies for my home. That way I can enjoy heavy discounts as well as saving lots of money and time on the trips.

6. Shopping online

smart and lazy

Shopping online is much safer and secure than 10 years ago. Many websites offer any kind of products you can imagine delivered to your doorstep. What’s really cool is that they are cheaper than the products in stores.

That’s because online shops don’t pay rent and employees. That way they can offer you the same quality of the product but cheaper and delivered to your home. For lazy people, online shopping is the creation of heaven.

7. Use robot vacuum cleaners

smart and lazy

Robot vacuum cleaners offer you the service of cleaning your house whenever you want just by pressing a button. Now they are a lot more sophisticated than the previous version and can clean a lot more efficiently than before.

While you are working and focusing on your project, you can buy a robot to do the house chores for you.

8. Ride an Electrical Scooter

These convenient devices can help you quickly maneuver through the city without worrying about parking space, traffic jams, or waiting for the correct bus.

These trendy scooters are eco-friendly and can save you lots of money. Electrical scooters are the symbol of modern transportation.

9. Get a Coffee Maker

Instead of wasting your time and energy on making coffee in the mornings, get a coffee maker that will help you get over your hungover.

According to Business Insider, making your own coffee can save you $240 – $1000 a year. If you feel guilty about buying a coffee machine, now you can look at it as an investment that would save you lots of time and effort.

10. Use productivity apps

There are many ways you can use your phone to save time. Our favorite ones are downloading apps that can help us in our everyday activities.

Many apps offer cooking services, house chores, advanced math calculators, fashion choices, meal planning, etc… If you want to find out more about the apps that are designed for lazy people, click here.

Final Words

I would love to hear the things you are using as shortcuts in life. Also I would appreciate to see your thoughts on this matter in the comments below.

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