Top 30 Full-Time Jobs For Lazy People

jobs for lazy people

Finding a full-time job that is easy and pays well seems pretty difficult, especially for people that struggle with laziness. Finding a normal job can be quite a challenge, let alone a dream job that can earn you above 100k a year, but if you expand horizons a little bit, opportunities are right in front of your face.

In order to help you with your choice, I have created a list of the best full-time jobs lazy people can start right away.

1. Domain Name Researcher

domain name

This is a pretty simple job that requires a little brainstorming and common sense. All you have to do is come up with a domain name that is available for purchase based on your client’s requirements so that he can use it to open a website.

What’s really great is that you don’t need any kind of special education or training to start working. Literally, anyone can do it.

You can start working by registering and creating a profile on Upwork, or finding a website that offers this kind of service. On average you will get more than 10 requests each day for this type of project.

Pay rates: $20 – $100 per domain name.

2. Brand Name Advisor

Your job as a brand Name Advisor will be to come up with ideas and cool names for new products. Many companies want to be unique so that they can succeed in this competitive environment, so grab this unique opportunity and start creating brands.

Most of the companies don’t care about your education, so don’t worry too much about it. In order to succeed in this field you have to think outside of the box and generate daily suggestions for the products.

If you want to start working right away, you can always find projects like these on Upwork, but I would suggest contacting some bigger local companies and work there full-time. You won’t regret it.

Salary: $42.000/ yr

3. Cocktail Taster

cocktail taster

Your job as a cocktail taster would be to try out different cocktails and rank them based on your taste. A dream job for many cocktail lovers out there that would get paid to drink, travel and party. Sounds amazing to me.

Every month there are many cocktail competitions where they actively pursue judges to rank the cocktails. Follow events around your town and with a little bit of luck you can be a part of the next competition.

Salary: $27k – $57k/yr

4. React To Youtube Videos

Nowadays it’s really easy to become a famous YouTuber. The fastest way to become one is to react to already existing videos and upload them on your channel. This passive way of earning money is definitely worth it.

All you have to do is upload regularly maybe twice a week to spike the YouTube algorithm and react to videos that you find interesting. Of course, if you took acting classes in the past would put you in a great advantage, but you can still make it anyway.

Salary: $1 – $1 million based on how good you are.

5. Social Media Strategist

This job is a perfect fit for someone that spends lots of time on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Many companies prefer to be active on social media and engage with their users and for that reason, they hire people to take care of those needs.

You can find many projects on Upwork and work with a couple of clients at the same time. You would have to upload pictures every day and answer people’s questions about the company.

Salary: $40.000 – $55.000

6. Drone Photography and Footage

If we take aside the fact that flying a drone is really cool and fun, how about we mention that it can earn you a lot of money. Many people use their drones for professional photography as a full-time job.

You can use your drone at home if you have one or you can buy a professional one and start working right away. You can work at weddings, inspection jobs, real estate advertisers, resorts, hotels, and many more.

Salary: $30.000 – $60.000 a year

7. Smell Tester

Many perfume companies look for people that have sensitive smelling sensors to help them create a better perfume. You will be responsible for adjusting and balancing the components in the perfume.

Most of the companies prefer a degree in chemistry and a previous experience in the beauty industry. Potential companies that might hire you are Avon, Oriflame, Nautica, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Salary: $34.000 – $64.000

8. Pet Groomer

Your job as a pet groomer would include bathing and trimming the pets along with a few rubs on the belly here and there. If you really love animals you wouldn’t even feel like working. All of the animals that come into the pet grooming saloon are vaccinated so you don’t have to worry about your safety.

The only downside of this job is that animals hate getting baths so you might get a few scratches on your hands until you learn how to handle them. At first, you have to learn the styles of each breed, and then you can apply for this job.

Salary: $25.000 – $50.000/yr + tips

9. Tour Guide

If you live near a tourist destination then this is an opportunity for you to explore the city and learn a few cool fact that only insiders might now. This will put you in a better position when compared to other tour guides, simply because you have lived there your whole life.

Send your CV to a few travel agencies, mention your good sides (it would be considered a bonus if you know more than 2 languages) and the travel agencies will definitely call you for an interview.

Salary: $22.000 – $34.000/yr

10. Basic Computer Repairs

Many older people have no clue about technology, so whenever bad happens to their PC they immediately call for help. Usually, they ask for people to come to their homes and do basic computer repair. Most of the time this would be a quick fix or an easy installation of a program.

You can start advertising yourself as an individual that fixes computers, or if you don’t want to visit people’s homes, you can always apply for a job to work as a computer technician for a company.

Salary: $30.000 – $50.000/yr

11. Dental Hygienist

Your job as a Dental hygienist requires checking the health of the teeth, cleaning and educating the patients about their oral health. Nowadays, dental hygienists are really sought after and each year their demand increases by 6%.

In order to become a dental hygienist, you have to go through specific training to get the required certificate. While you are going through your associate program you can still work as a dental hygienist, but you have to get a license from the American Dental Association.

Salary: $74.000 – $101.000 /yr

12. Travel Journalist

Being a travel journalist will enable you to visit new countries, find interesting cultures and meet new friends. Your job as a travel journalist includes writing stories about your visits, studying their culture and trying their cuisine.

In the beginning you might face a few difficulties like travel expenses and earnings, but once you gain more experience your investment will definitely pay off.

I know that this job is really hard to find, but you can always open up a blog for a few bucks and start writing your adventures there.

Salary: $66.000/yr

13. Photographer

Modern technology provides us with the opportunity to become excellent photographers without that much effort. With some basic training and photography lessons, you can become a really good photographer that can make quite a lot of money.

According to statistics, around 64% of the photographers are self-employed, which means that you don’t have to search for a job. Invest in a professional camera, promote yourself with the help of social media, and start working right away.

Salary: $45,900/yr

14. Restaurant Host

Your job as a restaurant host would be to make a great first impression to the customers, greeting and accommodating them to their table. This type of job doesn’t have too many responsibilities, so there is little room for errors.

If you like to be the face of the restaurant then this job is definitely the perfect fit for you. Females have an advantage for getting hired, but males can try also.

Salary: $22,880

15. Video Editor

Thanks to YouTube video editors are high in demand right now. Many Youtubers are looking for someone to edit their videos, adding special sound and video effects, adding pictures, graphic designs, etc.

Aside from YouTube, you can also work for a company or a movie, where you can be an assistant and maintain the video editing equipment for the crew.

Salary: $32.000 – $64.000

16. Horticulturist

Your primary responsibility as a horticulturist is to take care of plants and crops, as well as maintaining healthy soil for future plants. This is a stress-free job that is pretty easy to do and pays quite well.

The demand for this job is pretty high, so you won’t have any trouble finding one, the only downside to this job is the need for an associate or bachelor’s degree. You can work on farms, private homes, firms, companies, zoos, national parks, etc.

Salary: $32.000

17. Interior Designer

If you want to seek a career in interior design you have to know how to style home based on your client’s requirements, efficiently using the free space, and place orders for construction materials.

In order to become an interior designer, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in interior design and a few months of practice in the field. The demand for this job increases by 4% each year. You can start working as an individual by bidding on public project, or you can apply for a job in a construction company.

Salary: $56.000

18. Event Planner

If you are a highly organized person that can meet deadlines and manage activities quite well then this is the right job for you. A typical day as an event planner is consisted of a coordination of internal staff, planning daily activities, troubleshoot, and handle issues regarding the events.

It’s possible to get hired as an event planner without a degree, but most employers are looking for bachelor’s degree in public relations or management.

Salary: $49.980/yr

19. Product Tester

Before any kind of product hits the market, companies are required to do manual testing of each one to determine if the products meet the standards and regulations. Basically, a company pays you for using their product for a set amount of time and give them comprehensive feedback about it.

In order to become a product tester, you have to have some experience with similar products so that you can know if something is not right. Most of the employers aren’t looking for a degree, but if you have that it would be considered a bonus.

Salary: $55.000/yr

20. Fortune Cookie Writer

If you enjoy writing then this is the perfect job for you. Fortune cookie companies are actively hiring writers that are creative and communicative.

You might be skeptical about this job, but the reason fortune cookie writers are so important is that they do the whole marketing for the company. The better the writer is, the more cookies are being sold which means more profit.

With all being said, you have to have a degree to work for this job, but it will definitely pay off.

Salary: $40.000 – $80.000

21. Video Game Tester

A video game tester or a quality assurance tester is a person who helps the game development teams in a company by playing different levels of the game that are not released publicly and are under development.

The QA tester plays each stage in repetition to look for bugs or glitches associated with the game. Once a bug or glitch is repetitive, the QA tester writes a report to the development team, conveying to them the seriousness of the situation.

It is a moderate-level job and does not require a specialized degree, but if you have a related degree, that will make you earn higher payouts. Video game tester jobs are mostly available in gaming studios that are present in big cities around the world.

Salary: $53.030/yr

22. Dog Walker

If you are a person who likes to wander in parks and streets and to enjoy the hustle and bustle of life, a dog walker is the best job option for you. You get work near the radius of your home. You go to the houses and take the dogs for a walk. Regularly scheduled dog walks are available for you, and most of the time, you are outside enjoying a walk.

This job requires no specific educational degree. You should be responsible, trustworthy, and comfortable with dogs of various breeds and diversity. Jobs are available in companies that provide dog walking services. You can register as a dog walker online through different apps and start working right away.

Salary: $33,280.

23. House Sitter

A person who stays and looks after the house owned by someone else in exchange for free accommodation and to cut expenses of traveling is known as a house sitter. It is a way to lower the overall expenditure of traveling around the world and living a nomadic life.

This job requires no specific degree. Only a person who is responsible, vigilant, and trustworthy can be a house sitter. House sitter jobs are available throughout the online platforms. You need to look for one and apply for it. This job is ideal for anyone who loves traveling.

Salary: $70.166 

24. Movie Extra

Movie extras are background actors or actresses that appear in a movie scene in the backdrop without being the center of attention. Directors, when requiring movie scenes to be filmed in areas like restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. need movie extras to play as public. These jobs are a little demanding.

People interested need to have an attractive photo portfolio because mostly movie extras are hired based on how they act and carry themselves. Jobs of movie extras appear in newspaper ads and online production websites, along with staying in touch with recruiting agencies.

Salary: $170 per day

25. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers are undercover hired customers that require to test, interact, and report about the behavior of employees and to measure product quality and customer service in a store.

They do not get hired directly by companies. But are generally get recruited by third-party competitors. The skills required for this job are good communication skills, the ability to inspect and observe.

Salary: $24,960

26. Rideshare Driver

A person who wants to register as a rideshare driver needs a smartphone and internet facility. People around him can track his location and request for private transportation services. As a rideshare driver, you can pick whatever schedule you prefer and choose the rides you find appropriate for yourself.

You require good driving skills, a ride, and a driving license for this job. Nothing more technical is required. Many apps are available online where you can register as a rideshare driver and start earning money.

Salary: $36.000

27. Food Critic

Food critics taste food and publish reviews about them in newspapers, journals, magazines, and websites. Apart from the food, they also review the ambiance and service of a place.

As food critics need to publish reviews, they require necessary writing skills and probably a bachelor’s degree to have the confidence and communication that this profession demands. To become a full-time food critic, you need to pitch yourself as a critic in front of food publications that will help you get noticed.

Salary: $88.000/yr

28. Power Plant Operator

Powerplant operators control high power generating equipment like boilers, turbines, etc. The operator is also responsible for checking the equipment workflow and gauges and performs other technical actions as well.

Power plant operation jobs usually require a high school diploma or equivalent degree because most of the training is available on working grounds. You can easily find power plant operator jobs online or through advertisements in newspapers or posters in your area.

Salary: $35.090

29. Survey Caller

A survey caller is a person who conducts surveys on call. The job is to ask registered voters for their opinion about different issues of a city or statewide levels. You do not need to sell or endorse any products on these survey calls.

Customer service or outbound call experience and good communication skills are some of the requirements for a survey caller. Technical education is not required. Many companies around the world work with survey callers, and you can find them online or in news ads for jobs quite easily.

Salary: $20,800

30. Brand Ambassador

The job of a brand ambassador is tough. For any company’s marketing and management success, brand ambassadors play an anchor role. Brand ambassadors also provide accreditation to the company through different social links.

A degree in business and marketing and a strong sense of product endorsement along with creativity and street-smartness is what makes a brand ambassador. From surfing the internet to looking at poster ads and seeing advertisements on television, there are many different ways of finding a brand.

Salary: $40.000 – $50.000

Final Words

Not all people prefer giving extra effort and time to earn their livelihood. There is a considerable amount of people that do not like their jobs but end up doing them for the need to meet their expenses. Please note that some of the salaries might be changed so don’t take them as granted

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