Why am I so lazy? 7 Common Reasons and Quick Solutions

At a certain point in our lives, we have all asked ourselves the question why am I so lazy? Every person is a different story for himself, so in order to find the root causes of laziness, self-evaluation is the way to go.

The biggest reasons that cause your laziness and make you question yourself are these things:

Having low self-esteem accompanied by a lack of life purpose, low motivation, and no discipline are the main factors that can cause laziness. Things that can also trigger your laziness are distractions, an unhealthy diet, too much dopamine, low social status, and mental illnesses.

If you think that one of these factors are the cause of your laziness scroll down to learn more about them and check our quick solutions

Low Self-esteem Can Make You Lazier

Your own concept of self-evaluation can either trigger positive or negative emotions which directly affect your level of laziness.

Self Esteem Infographic

These negative thoughts can lower your motivation to do everyday activities like studying, cleaning, doing your homework, working, etc. Down the road, negative thoughts can also create a lack of interest in the activity or belief in its efficacy.

In order to create higher self-esteem (and by that indirectly defeat your laziness) you should always follow these simple rules: Don’t compare yourself to others, remember that nobody’s perfect, don’t be too harsh when you make mistakes, and always look at the positive side of things.

Lack Of Life Purpose Causes Laziness

As Nietzsche once said “He who has a why can bear any how”, a deep philosophical meaning which gravitates towards the fact that people with a life purpose can overcome any obstacles that are on their way.

Life Purpose Infographic

Finding a life purpose, direction, and meaning starts in the darkest places of your life. Whatever shines through the dark, pursue it. You always have to look at the things you don’t want to look at because that’s how you know your life has a meaning.

What’s important to remember is to aim at something and progress your way towards it. Life is already hard, don’t make it even harder.

Insufficient Motivation Sparks Your Laziness

For most people, a primary source of motivation is external rewards. Rarely people look for motivation deep within them, but those kinds of people are most successful in their fields.

Motivation and Laziness

Laziness is completely suppressed by people with intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is a state of mind where you find pleasure from doing the things you love, so motivation comes naturally to you. This way you will completely avoid procrastination and you will stay disciplined for most of your life.

Now, most people fight laziness with extrinsic motivation. This type of motivation is triggered by external rewards like money, certain benefits, and other types of rewards. As soon as the rewards dissapear, your laziness sparks instantly because you don’t enjoy the things you do.

Absence of Discipline Fuels Laziness

Absence of self-discipline is often correlated to lack of a plan, goals, routines, confidence, etc. The biggest reasons for not being self-disciplined is your own obsession. You still haven’t found something that is rewarding enough to be disciplined.

For example, my uncle was a hard smoker of cigarettes and was pretty much addicted to them. He was smoking 3 packs a day for 10 years, he was enjoying them a lot. Everything changed when he found out that his lungs were in terrible condition, and the doctors told him that he should be more self-disciplined and lead a healthier life, otherwise he won’t live for long. After this conversation, he never missed a day without exercise, eating healthy, and not smoking.

His biggest reward for being self-disciplined was his life. This is the key to achieving self-discipline. Find what is worthy of being disciplined and stick to your plans and routines.

Distractions Attract Laziness

Distractions make simple tasks look awfully difficult, simply because you are dividing your focus on too many things. This division of your thoughts can often lead to laziness. This causes you to lose your focus more often and start questioning your abilities to perform with high standards on a certain task.

In order to avoid getting distracted you should isolate yourself as much as you can when you are trying to be productive. Try turning off your phone, clean your desk, or if you work from home you can try to wake up earlier than everyone so you can spend some productive hours without distractions.

Unhealthy Diet Feeds Laziness

According to the UCLA psychology study, an unhealthy diet causes a lot of fatigue and stress to our body, so it’s logical to think that our brain will try to counter excessive stress and fatigue with laziness. Laziness can be seen as a way to relax, that’s why after burnout our instincts tell us to take a break and preserve our energy.

In order to avoid fatigue caused by a diet, you should stay away from food that contains huge amounts of fat, salt, vitamin b6 (causes sleepiness), Turkey ( high amounts of Tryptophan).

How Dopamine Affects Your Laziness

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that our body delivers and assumes an essential part of the way we feel pleasure. A few activities like playing computer games, talking on Instagram, watching Netflix create more dopamine than studying and dealing with your business. That is the reason why dopamine generates more joy in playing computer games than in studying.

What’s important to realize about dopamine is that it makes normal tasks like studying and working look boring. You become bored more easily by them because you are overwhelmed by the dopamine your body creates when playing video games for example.

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