Why Does It Feel So Good To Be Lazy?

lazy but happy

Laziness is something we all experience from time to time, but some people like to stay in that comfort zone forever. And there’s a pretty good reason why they love it so much!

So, why does it feel so good to be lazy?

Because modern society pushes us to be constantly productive and on the go. Unfortunately, we are not machines, so taking a break once in a while feels like a reward. It’s okay to give yourself permission to be lazy if you want to be happy. 

I decided to do a little research and ask people what kind of satisfaction laziness offers them. Also, I uncovered some scientific explanations behind this state, so here are the results:

Laziness gives you the feeling of serenity

In other words, every time you are being lazy, you feel peaceful and calm. The stress is cut off, so you have plenty of time to relax and don’t think about anything. In those moments, everything feels perfect and you feel disconnected from every negativity.

This is the time when your body and mind recover from the fast modern tempo of life. So, lay down and get into the zen mode.

Makes you more connected with your loved ones

Spending more time with your family, partner and friends will significantly improve your relationship with them. Being lazy means having dinner in bed with your partner, making a sleepover with your friends, or just hanging around at your parent’s house and doing nothing. 

These moments give you feelings of love, happiness, and cheerfulness. Lazy people often have more time to discuss their relationship issues and be more present and connected.

After all, love always comes first.

Laziness means more sleeping and more dreaming

Dreams are a door that leads you into your subconscious mind and can significantly help you to process your emotions.

Not to mention that sleeping is good for your health and you need at least 6-8 hours per day to feel great. And those naps during a rainy day are the best thing ever! How can you say no to extra sleep!

Helps you improve brain functionality

And here you will uncover the magic of the wandering mind. According to this study, when we are lazy and relaxed, our mind tends to wander to the future, present and past. This means that we can become more creative and discover some amazing ideas.

A wandering mind can make a master plan for the future and an interesting solution to a problem. When our brains rest, they are saving mental and physical energy that can later be directed into the right things. So, being a lazy person means that you are keeping your mental health at a high level.

You get plenty of “me” time

Of course, it’s great to be lazy when that means watching your favorite series all day long while eating a delicious pizza from Domino’s. Or you can do whatever makes you happy!

Create a perfect spa day, movie marathon, or just spending some time chilling in your backyard. But, you also have plenty of time to reflect on everything that you’ve experienced and think about where you’re heading. This is time for getting personal with yourself and respect the needs of your body and soul.

Boosts your productivity and creativity

Being lazy from time to time doesn’t mean that you are not motivated. It means that you are taking time off to clear your thoughts, so you can start fresh again. Cutting back extra hours at work doesn’t just feel good, but it’s beneficial for both your work and your well-being.

Plenty of research explains that being lazy at work today can increase your productivity tomorrow. Productivity is in direct connection with you being healthy and rested, so you can get involved in more creative ideas. And there’s not a better feeling than finishing a great amount of work, thanks to your day off. 

Give yourself permission to be lazy

At the end of this research, I realized that there are so many reasons why laziness feels so good. Many people even say that this is a form of meditation for them and that they have learned how to adapt this state to their everyday life. At the end of the day, you need to pursue your dream and do what makes you happy.

Some may say to you: “Stop being lazy”, but I will tell you: ”Learn how to be lazy”. Yes, there is a state of being too lazy, but that will not get you anywhere in life. Instead of that, you can learn how to do things faster, more effectively, or give up on some activities that no longer make you happy, and replace them with your lazy time.

So, on your next lazy day, choose the most comfortable position and start making a plan that will help you create the lifestyle you always wanted. There are plenty of little steps that will get you there. Be creative!

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