These Are The Consequences Of Being Lazy All The Time

Consequences of laziness

People love feeling lazy because of the immense pleasure they get from laying around and doing nothing. Little do they know, laziness has its own bad qualities.

Most of the people try to convince themselves that they are not lazy and always want to blame someone else for their inactivity. We have all been there, right?

Being blinded by laziness is one of the worst things that can happen to you. It slowly takes away every good habit and cripples your spirit.

That’s why it’s important to know all the consequences of being lazy all the time and how it changes your life.

So now let’s find out the consequences and the effects of being lazy.

1. Destroys good habits

According to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, 21 days of being lazy and not repeating a certain activity is enough to break a habit. Acquiring a habit is a lot easier than breaking one.

According to The European Journal of Social Psychology 66 days was the average time needed to form a habit. We can see that it is a lot easier to break habits than to acquire one.

Next time, before you decide to be lazy for a long period of time and destroy all your good habits, think about the hard work you’ve put into acquiring them.

2. Lowers your self-esteem

For many people including my dear friend, laziness was the reason for his lack of self-esteem and confidence.

Having low self-esteem cripples your spirit and makes you lose all self-respect. Having healthy self-esteem puts you in a position to be successful and happy at the same time.

Because you look at yourself as a lazy unworthy human being, it is pretty normal to have lowered self-esteem. You would experience trouble receiving positive feedback as well as an inability to express your needs.

3. Lack of positive recognition by others

In today’s society, lazy people are instantly being judged. Society has its own standards of pushing away people that are feeling lazy and unworthy. We can call it a modern way of natural selection.

Laziness is the reason why so many people lack respect and are at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Even though laziness has its own ways of benefitting, society considers laziness as the epitome of disaster.

4. Absence of discipline

The reason why there is an absence of discipline in the lives of lazy people is that they run from hard, uncomfortable things.

Instead of facing those difficulties, they choose to avoid them as much as they can. Running from discomfort can potentially ruin our lives because every once in a while facing a hard task is really important for our development.

If you feel like laziness has caused any absence of discipline, make sure to check out our article on how to stop being lazy.

5. Makes you live an unhealthy life

According to the New York Daily News, roughly 5 million deaths are caused by laziness. Performing physical activities is crucial for the development of our bodies.

It indirectly affects our mental health and increases the risks of diabetes and heart problems. Physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor for death in the world.

6. Erases your purpose in life

Laziness can completely erase everything important in life. Luckily that change is not permanent and everyone can overcome it.

Unfortunately, without any goals, aspirations, and purposes, all that is left for you, is to be lazy. Don’t let this scenario happen to you and try to overcome your laziness.

Final Words

We might underestimate the bad effects of laziness because of their subtle presence. Many people around the world struggle with laziness and seeking help for it is not shameful at all. In fact, you can find many articles on our site to overcome your laziness. Stop feeling stupid and take action today.

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